Player has not progressed far enough to join


A friend of mine KnightOfBrony and I (Archmagosboothe) are trying to play his campaign missions. However, it tells him "Archmagosbooth has not progressed far enough to join" the only problem is my character is level 53 and well completed my story. I played the Mechanicus Phophecy story as a Tech Adept. He has the base game and is playing an Assassin around level 21. How have i not progressed far enough if I've beaten my story? Do I have to access another campaign? If so how do i change my campaign to a different one?

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Player has not progressed far enough to join
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9 days ago
The reason behind this is that the Tech-Adept has no access to the base Martyr campaign which is why you two cannot group up until your friend does not complete the base campaign and reach the point where the Prophecy campaign starts.
15 days ago
Well so much for a support site. The customer service for this game is garbage.