Archeotech Relic Bluie Prints Not Resetting After 24 Hours From last Available Craft


Ever since I started playing martyr in 2.0 on a daily basis almost 4 months ago now, Archeotech Relic Blue Prints would reset their uses after 24 hours of being used up. This made sense from a background perspective as in effect an archeotech relic is made froma  standard template construct (STC). Ita lso meant that thanks to the rarity fo certain ietms, sucha s enhanced weapons as well as in general a far larger pool of items being available thanks to an ever increasing amount of enchant pre-fixes, that when you finally found the item you wanted (took me 3 months to get a shoitgun blueprint, took me 4 to get an enhanced one, I played shotgun as a main the entire time...bit frustrating not being able to just pay say fate to get blueprints you want appearing), you could invest the resources daily until you got a max enchant slot item or a high rolled fixed enchantment. This was/is a lot of time and resource investment so having resetting blueprints was not a bad thing, it was a healthy aspect of the game.

But the past 24-48 hours, archeotech blueprints have not reset

This is a major problem for many people who have been craftinga nd salcaging or goiving away items t5hat weren't the perfect or ideal rolled items, because now they are out of thos eitems and can't get them back again. Can you please restore the ability for archeotech relic blue prints to reset every 24 hours. This is one of the few endgame aspects that make you keep coming back, without them, waitingf or months on end to finally find a blueprint that you need for your build and then not rolling amx enchant slots whenc rafting them, then them disappearing's not a good thing, so please fix this again so as they are resettable every 24 hours. Cheers.

P.S. I've lost a main implant and an enhanced shotgun and a heavy Bolter and probably a few other things that I know of as definites from this bug so far.

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288 days ago
In case your Archeotech blueprints got reset after every 24 hours, this was a bug.

According to its design, the blueprints should not reset, after 5 items crafted, they will vanish.
To have them reset after 24 hours is a different, design-related question. I cannot promise anything in this regard but I will have a talk about them.