Cannot connect to Neocore Servers


I just bought this game and when I start it, it says logging in, and then says "Something went wrong while trying to connect to Neocore Servers. Please try again later." Being as I just spent 50 bucks on this game, I am quite agitated as I have been waiting for a long time to play this. Is there anything anyone can do to help?

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Cannot connect to Neocore Servers
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249 days ago

honya-Yesterday at 3:59 AM

Short answer: we are working on it.Long answer: there is something bad happening with opening secure https communication, and it's rejecting your user's certifications. Gamesparks( our backend service) as been noticed about it, they said they'll inspect the problem and update the SDK when they could pinpoint the problem, or at least tell us what needs to be done. We are waiting for their answer

Just keep trying. I had the same issue but seems to be fixed now.

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242 days ago

При подключении игры через интернет, подключение длиться долго и в итоге не подключается. 

235 days ago

Aloha! Played about 22h - and today can't connect to server! what shoud I do to play ?