PS4 multiple crashes


Hi, I just started this game about a week ago and it crashes about 4-5 times in a 6 hour period just doing random things. During missions, looking at my inventory, in the star map. Is there something I can do to minimize this. I play on a regular PS4 not a pro. Has this already been addressed? 

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PS4 multiple crashes
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4 years 241 days ago
Thank you for sending us the reports.

Could you please reinstall the game and check if the frequency of these crashes decreased? That may resolve most of these problems. Please give it a try and get back to us when possible. We are working on a new patch and every new detail would help us track down these issues so they will not occur after its release.

4 years 242 days ago
I haven't done the same mission more than once and not been able to complete. Its very random, it crashes during missions but I log back in and restart the mission and I get through it just fine. it also crashes during loading screens, sometimes when I start a mission sometimes at then of a mission.  I can log back in sometimes and it will give me my rewards but sometimes it doesn't.  Sometimes when I go to the startup it crashes, it isn't so bad that its unplayable but it does seem a little excessive. I played all day on my day off and it crashed about 5 or 6 times. I do report it through PS4 when it prompts to send a report. 
4 years 242 days ago

could you be a little more specific where do you usually experience crashes ingame? Does it happen regularly and everytime when you use a given feature or reach a point in a given mission?