Thunderhammer Leap ability


Trying to leap into combat on PS4 using the Thunderhammer normallly ends up with my character floating in mid air in the same spot and then hitting the floor where he started, there is no forward movement at all.  Looks great when he is "flying" and the impact is brilliant but currently it is more of a "centre on self" AOE attack which is not really the idea.

Hope this can get fixed.  If you have an email address I can send a list of the other minor bugs I have discovered to date (its to be expected with the size of the game though!)

Great job, even with the bugs it is probably my favourite ARPG ever

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Thunderhammer Leap ability
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4 years 162 days ago
Yeah it seems like you have to hold down the skill button for any attack where you charge forwrd. Including the one for the power axe
4 years 162 days ago
I just got the hammer and noticed this on PS4. What I found was holding down the skill button makes it work correctly. That is, unless you target someone beside you.

That said I have only used it for one mission.Test it out and see if it works for you.