Three bugs in a row?


First time play: I choose a Spoils of War mission (Crusader).
Mission: find 5 objects of importance.

1st bug) I have cleared all the rooms (the map doesn't show me any more "fog of war" covered parts), killed every enemy, and I can't find the last chest. Most of the chests I opened were just traps (with some great nurgle demons inside). But only for were actually lootable. And I don't have any marks on the map (I think that I saw one or two where the chests were actually be, but then nothing...).

2nd bug) I faced the chaos Dreadnought, it stunned me once and then I wasn't able to fire with any weapon. I had to die in order to be able to shoot again ._.

3rd bug) For the whole mission I had my Cyclon Missile Launcher bar almost full (but a tiny piece)... I checked for the numbers, and it said that it was at 110/110 (even if the bar wasn't full). Still, I tryied to fire with it but it did nothing, just like I wasn't able to activate the skill at all. Wtf?


1) the sound. While my requiem sounded pretty good, every other sound was like "softened"...

2) those enormous chaothic Space Marines lol. I faced some red-armored Space Marines (chaos), but they where HUGE... I mean, almost tall as the dreadnought. Is it intentend to be like that? ._.

Thanks ;)

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Three bugs in a row?
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7 years 24 days ago

hey there

1st isn ot actually a bug. You just have to go to the chests that spawned the demons after you killed the demon. They are not traps, they are guarded.

I don't know anything about the other stuff.

7 years 24 days ago

Only one of them actually "dropped" or left a chest to loot, but all the other's chests just disappeared after I defeated the demons. In fact I found some "good chests" that I looted, and some "broken" ones that just disappeared or stayed there, but in pieces (broken, as I said lol).

I spent over an hour searching in the map, without finding the last chest...

7 years 24 days ago

This was the situation. As you can see the map is all clear (or I missed something?). You can even see the "almost full (but not full at all)" skill bar in the bottom-left corner (about the missile launcher bug).

7 years 24 days ago

I'm sorry for the triple reply but MAYBE I discovered the "problem" with the first bug...

Are the chests TIMED? ._______.

I mean, I did another Spoils of War mission, and when the demons spowned I noticed that there was a number blinking on the chest (30 seconds or something).

But this means that if you're not fast enough (and sometimes the demon spawns when a horde is going to kill you... so the only thing you can do is run away, losing precious time) you can't complete the mission at all (and you don't know how many chests are out there until you discover the WHOLE map... so if you, for expample, lose the chance to open one or two chests, that could means that you still have to discover all the map justo to know that you are basically screwed lol).

If this is the case PLEASE, change this thing... 30 seconds are not enough to menage a demon + other enemies (and you can't even interact with the chest in the meantime... I tought I could, but I died tryin') and it's a bit unfair to me to have a mission objective timed this way. I mean, it's "hard" enought to kill the demon, and I have to do it in 30 secs too or I will lose the entire mission? lol...

7 years 24 days ago

At first I thought, too, that the chests were bugged, but it was explained to me here that withthe appearance of the demon a timer starts.

You just have to clear the room before you approach the chest, then the demon will be your only Problem.

7 years 24 days ago

I tried it, but sometimes it spawned right in the middle of other mobs before I actually cleaned the room... idk why. And I had to run away, losin time (and the chest too).