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Let me preface this by saying I am a huge fan of Van Helsing and have spent countless hours and I really want to see Inquisitor be the best it can be. Now, I'm going to come across as a little negative but I think this game has a ton of potential and I like a lot of things about it. With that said, there's a lot of room for improvement. It feels like this game has incorporated a lot of the unfun mechanics from every other game, specifically: bullet sponges, loss of character control, and now there's even mimic chests! 

1. I've said this before and after restarting with a new character it's even more apparent: The dreadnoughts are not fun enemies. Their hitpoints and shields are spongy, which wouldn't be as bad if they didn't regen like crazy. In order to effectively fight them you need to bring along an armor piercing gun, which limits the variety of weapons you can carry.  Starting out with basic weapons they are extremely difficult to kill unless you exploit the AI, which I don't think is the type of challenge you're going for.  They don't feel particularly dangerous 1v1, but their sponginess combined with a large swarm of enemies (which it feels like have increased since the patch) make it just feel frustrating rather than challenging. Maybe it's just me personally but I find them so unfun to fight that when I see one it makes me want to quit the mission.

2. Similarly, the warp portals seem kind of ridiculous when it comes to regening HP. I sat there shooting one with a basic gun and it would regen faster than I could kill it. It was only because I placed down a turret that I could beat the regen. I like the overall mechanic of the portals where you have to kill them as enemies are coming through, but it feels like it could be just as challenging trying to whittle away at a high hp portal without regen while fighting off swarms of enemies coming through.

3. I still really don't see the appeal of the suppression mechanic. One of the most unfun things in games is when you lose control of your character and get stunlocked. 

4 If the point of suppression is to incentivize using the cover mechanic...then the cover mechanic needs some work. Maybe I'm just not getting it but it's very unclear what pieces of terrain you can take cover behind, and if you actually are behind cover.  Right now it seems like you can only take cover behind pillars and certain other pieces of terrain. I feel like if you're going to have this mechanic it needs to be available in more places that make sense. You don't seem to be able to take cover in doorways or behind pipes that go along the walls. Aside from the pillars that glow blue, There's really not a good visual indicator of if you're in cover or not.

5.  I still feel like the base movement speed is way to slow. I know not everyone will agree but it takes way to long to move around maps and during a fire fight it takes to long to get behind cover (especially because you can't take to much damage because of the suppression mechanic!). At the very least, I've seen suggestions for a sprint out of combat button suggested and I can totally get behind that idea. Personally i'd prefer a small movement speed increase across the board just so it's easier to move around during fights because often times you need to kite enemies and it's very difficult to do right now.

6. I really can't get behind the idea of chest mimics in the game. When I was on the gather intel mission I wen't up to a couple chests and a chaos marine jumped out. Mimics work in a fantasy setting because of magic but it really doesn't make sense in this game world. It's a small gripe but it just feels kind of cheesy.

7. Another small change I'd like to see is a better indicator of low health. Right now there's the skull icon that flashes over your health bar but I'd like to see something like diablo where the screen starts going red around the edges or something.

Now for the things I do like;

8. The icons for health/grenade chests are a much welcome improvement! It's nice to be able to leave chests alone and be able to come back to them when you need them.

9. I'm really happy there's a crafting system in the game now! any way to get better loot is always good. But I don't understand why there are makes me think of mobile games and microtransactions. I don't understand how putting timers in is a good balancing mechanic. It's really not fun to have to wait for stuff when all you want to do is get out and kill stuff. As I'm writing this I have the game open in the background crafting and Autogun Mark II which takes 30 mins(!!!) to craft. Unless there's some really compelling rationale for timers I think it's a really terrible idea.

10. I really love the art direction in the game, it's one of the things I loved about Van Helsing and I'm happy to see it carry over to Inquisitor. The ship environments are really well done (although they do feel a little empty right now) and the character designs are great. The dreadnoughts and world eaters are really well rendered and impressive looking. I'm really excited for the storymode just to see how the handcrafted environments look!

I know this was a pretty negative post but I really enjoy playing this game and just want to help it improve in any way I can. Keep up the good work guys! 

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Thoughts after the update
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7 years 123 days ago
You want a heavily armored character carrying a heavy weapon to be able to move fast ? Really?!

You do realize there is equipment you can use that will increase movement speed...try that, or wait for more nimble character types in the future.

7 years 123 days ago
Fair point! I'm still not really a fan of it but it's not really anything egregious.
7 years 123 days ago
Yeah I can totally see the lore reasons for it, but to me that doesn't make it fun in terms of a game. In most other games you can craft a sword or full set of armor instantly, which would take days/weeks to do irl. I'm all for having as much 40k lore as possible in the game but I don't think everything translates into fun mechanics. I'd much rather be out grinding then waiting around for a an item to be crafted. 
7 years 124 days ago
I also agree with the movement. I know that the crusader supposed to be the heavy weapons specialist, but it would be nice if he could move faster. On a large map where the last 5 enemies are the only remaining one and you have to walk back the empty map to start where you overlooked a corner or two, it gets rather bothersome. (Additionally - it would be a nice feature when if there are only a few mobs left that they are highlighted on the map and you don't have to search for them)
7 years 124 days ago
Point 6 is easely explained. Its not quite a mimic chest rather then a chest that is guarded by Space Marine. If you come close to the chest an teleportation device activates and the Space Marine appears and start to smack you ;)

Point 5

I have/had the same feeling but after getting some item with movementspeed it is quite good now. I agree that at the start its feels slow.

7 years 124 days ago

With the crafting (number 9 on your list) you can probably chalk that up to the lore I'm guessing. you don't craft the item per se, the techpriest does, from a blueprint and raw materials. Quality gear takes time to build, more so than basic. so there's an element of reality to the crafting mechanic. if you want to get into the lore the priest has to form the blessed steel and coax a machine spirit into ever piece of gear he creates, no to mention purifying the materials before hand and consecrating the weapon afterward. Imo, a blending of these factors led to the crafting timer we have on our screens today.

7 years 124 days ago
I guess we should keep in mind with the movement speed that we are locked into playing the Crusader class right now which it seems is built around wearing heavier armor. We might see with the other two classes quite a different movement speed altogether - any comment from the Devs on that one?
7 years 124 days ago
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