Comments about version 0.2.0


Hello Everyone and Neocore Games Team,

After I spent some time in your, quite promising world I have found couple of things I want to comment on. It may be covered somewhere else as well, but hey...

Please find list below:

  • Duplicate Login error... (edit: 15 munutes off the game fixes the problem)
  • can't choose specific screen to play on
  • no mouse drag window adjustment
  • problems with picking right resolution, separate menus for windowed and full screen.
  • 2650x1080: menus are misaligned, scale is not maintained
  • tutorials are hidden under other windows
  • assault jump looks so silly... :D

I wish you all the best with this. Plays really good.

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Comments about version 0.2.0
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6 years 354 days ago

Thanks for acknowledging MORZAN.

Note: (I will not mention any other ARPG games I play, but my comments may be influenced by some)

I have found your bug tracker topic, but I am not sure if I will be able to make the best of it - so I will continue in this one.

I have couple of notes about few things:

- vendor refreshes every time you log out/log in, and in my opinion this will undermine crafting system a bit. It is easier to save some cash and wait for some better items to pop up. Maybe limitation to vendor items will help to increase value of rarer items?

- Uther's Tarot - this is just FANTASTIC base for mission crafting system.

-  Introduction of "Log me ouy of my session" button on forum will save some of duplicate login frustration from players.

- Item pickups on missions, while not being a leader:"greed, need, roll" distribution system? Maybe?

- cover: it has no direct benefit for melee classes. At least I coulnd't find one.

- misalignment on some windows:
(res: 2560x1080)

This is the material for a game you can lose yourself in. Really good job Team. Keep it up.
If I find something I will let you know.

All the best

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6 years 354 days ago
Thank you for your report!