[UPDATED] The New Roadmap


Update: Here is the new Roadmap. Basically nothing much has changed, but what was left out from the October update got moved to November.

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[UPDATED] The New Roadmap
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6 years 168 days ago
I dotn exactly get what you mean by "bossfights", because the bosses ive seen so far havent survived for long. I pretty much hope there is going to be a raid mode type of mission, like 4 players needed with a well designed boss fight at the end, taking like 10-15 mins to beat. Im a little bit worried when it comes to the variety of game modes here, because pve has been always the same so far, adding some raids and maybe (my greatest wish) power suits to the game would give this game the badass flavour it needs. Make them availabe to certain mission types or whatever, but as soon as i mention warhammer 40k to my friends, they expect epic power suits (admit it, you want them too). Like with different components and stuff, where you have to craft the different parts too (or loot them or whatever). If youre interested i would love to send some concepts in here !

Its a good game, so keep up the good work!

6 years 172 days ago
Can You give us new, more realistic roadmap , please ?
6 years 178 days ago

Most, if not all of the December items are still missing from the game.

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6 years 179 days ago
I think that the last point should be the third one.
6 years 181 days ago
Will we be able to test the Fortresses mode?

And will there even be a beta before the release? I feel like it is all cramped together, and like we only playing a small part of the build you got :D

6 years 223 days ago

Can You update the road map. One above is a little outdated :). And thank You guys btw:)

6 years 282 days ago

Not sure if this was mentioned elsewhere but will there be the ability to customize your characters appearance and gender?

6 years 301 days ago

At least one more at time of full release.

6 years 301 days ago

Looks great! Just a question, are there still going to be character wipes before release?

6 years 301 days ago

Yeah it would be awesome to fight alongside with some grey knight's or an other space marine order as well as i think some cutomization on the armour would be an cool idea. I'am missing Orcs as enemy faction.   

6 years 304 days ago

Just a thought I was wondering just how deep into the 40K universe / lore will this game go me personally  I would love to see get

Grey Knights weilding storm bolters and power glaives 

6 years 305 days ago

What are the plans for improving and expanding Coop options/features for online group play?

6 years 305 days ago

Can you give us some ideas on what the tactical view will be like?

6 years 310 days ago

Me too man :)

6 years 310 days ago

Im really looking forward to seeing the final product next year and am enjoying the alpha at the moment, im not used to being involved in a community and i wasn't sure where to ask this so here goes.. with the character appearance will we get to change the color schemes ? and when will we be able to do this if so ? ive noticed that the gun types say like lasgun all look the same, will there be variations ? also i dont mean to harp on but the animation and sound with chests atm is a bit disappointing, you know if your going to find some extra dosh you want it to KA-CHING ! haha, anyway keep up the great work first game in ages ive been excited for :)

6 years 310 days ago

This just makes me more and more exited lol i feel like a kid at Christmas again.