Glory Bug


There seems to  be a weekly glory bug. I did a lot of Cabal missions last week and got my weekly Glory to 1448. It was enough to place in the top 50 for the week, but I did it mainly for the 200 Fate. 

Now I don't know if I logged in too soon today as I logged in right at the weekly Glory change (around 7PM CST USA side) and well...I got my Cabal and Top 50 reward but no weekly Glory Reward (could really use the Fate with diminishing returns talked about in another post). To top it off I guess I'm 6th place with 1458 Glory after running a Cabal mission. While I'm not complaining at the jump start for the week (although to be honest kinda a kick in the teeth for those below 6th place) it kinda hurts to not get the Fate for the week. Not only that but it puts me at an unfair advantage (and seems like 5 others above me including one with 5000 for the week already) to anyone trying to work their way into the top 10. 

Just a heads up that something bugged out. 

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Glory Bug
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