Coming in January 2018:

Van Helsing III on Xbox One!


Greetings, Hunters!

What a great way to start 2018: The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III is finally arriving to Xbox One! And the best part? Anyone who is an Xbox Live Gold member will receive the game for free with the January batch! 

The release date is accordingly: the first day of 2018!

There's a lot of exciting stuff to look forward to with this game: the concluding episode in the trilogy features six playable classes, new skills and abilities, lots of new items, and you can witness the finale of the story that follows young Van Helsing and his ghost companion Lady Katarina in Borgovia.

And a surprise addition: the game supports the capabilities of the Xbox One X, so owners of the new console will see the game in an enhanced quality!

Read Major Nelson's original announcement here

As you can see, the next year will be quite interesting for NeocoreGames! Until then, be safe from all the weird monsters of the past while looking into the future, and a Happy New Year to you!

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Coming in January 2018: Van Helsing III on Xbox One!
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6 years 146 days ago
Is The Final Cut being released for Xbox One at some point?
6 years 169 days ago
Casual BK

Thanks! That did it!

6 years 169 days ago

I also noticed, that after you beat the boss in that hideout area, two of the treasure chests spawn every time you exit the game and resume story. 

6 years 169 days ago

Press UP on the D-Pad to use a town portal. I had the same problem until i looked at the controls to see if there was something i missed.

6 years 171 days ago

So I started playing this in Xbox one a couple days ago. I finished the first chapter but was stuck in the hideout - no way to leave. I thought it was a glitch, so I deleted my character and began again with a new character... Same result. Is this a bug or am I kidding something obvious?