The new dlc for PS4 are not showing up


The PlayStation 4 dlc for inquisitor martyr will not show up on my game I have it downloaded for the footsteps  cosmetic but can’t Equipped it or the new downloadable DLC content for in a priority mission does not show up in a PlayStation store for purchase please fix

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The new dlc for PS4 are not showing up
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13 days ago
I want to get back to you that the Maelstrom of Carnage is not yet out in the US PSN store. Our console publisher is working on the issue along with Sony. We would like to ask your kind patience until the DLC is out.
19 days ago
Still can’t find the dlc maelstrom of carnage in the PlayStation store I deleted my game and then re-download it and still nothing please fix 
20 days ago
The_watcher_34, mr_spits_33 those are the psn names for my two accounts that have the season pass and both accounts don’t have the dlc maelstrom of carnage (dlc) and the seal of the inquisition footprint. please fix on both accounts thank you
21 days ago

could you please share your PSN and the name of the DLC which is not appearing ingame for you?