The loot game is extremely unrewarding with level 90 being the general cap on item drops


I dunno if this will even be considered, but I can't hope for anything to change if I don't say anything. Personally, I was extremely into this game. I have become interested in Warhammer 40k recently, I love Diablo style games, and I enjoyed the way this game played. Unfortunately, I seem to have hit a major roadblock to my enjoyment, to the point that I barely even touch this game any more.

For me, it was finding out that when you hit level 100, you won't be getting level 100 item drops. You HAVE to raise the difficulty of the missions in order to get higher leveled loot, and even then, you aren't guaranteed to get a level 100 drop. Effectively, all loot that is not level 100 is a waste of time. Almost all loot will be a waste, given that 99.9%(probably even higher than that) of all loot will not be level 100. Every mission you will go through the same routine, at least if you're me, you'll end a mission, run to Ragna, and hit the various sell all loot of a particular color.

In my case, I sell everything except relics, and even then I am only really interested in the reds. The ancient relics that you unlock the enchantments for, have yet to impress me. Even worse, you can't reroll any stats on them. Of the most baffling decisions in this game, you cannot raise the level of your items past 90. I don't understand that. It would be the one saving grace in this highly unrewarding system.

With Diablo, most especially Diablo 3, I had a pretty good feeling I'd get something worthwhile for my time. In this game, I can count on my time being wasted. All I have to look forward to is leveling the 4, soon to be 5 different classes, and my Crusader is already 100. The leveling is the only thing that is consistent. I've never played an ARPG where loot was as unrewarding as this.

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258 days ago
The lvl100 items are rare on purpose. These are the most valuable weapons and hence the hardest to obtain.

On a lvl110 map you have around 4.5% chance to get a lvl100 item. This chance increases to 10% on lvl125. So on these levels, the chances are not so slim.

But I will convey your message to our designers who laid down this concept. Thanks for your feedback!