doctrine not working Xbox


i cant not get this doctrine to work. with 20 dmg constant or by just standing there getting hit by the enemies

not debuff icon come up / buff listed 

Nova Psalm + Haemo-drain Psalm + Technomartyr Psalm + Hypergheist Psalm + Hermeticon Psalm + Binharic Psalm

(20% Damage bonus on Hit Taken for 3 seconds (maximum 300)

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doctrine not working Xbox
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215 days ago
Cerberus Hades
We gotta recheck this then. I hope we will find something. Thanks for the report!
216 days ago
it only base dmg  // no icon that why it seem that it doesnt work
217 days ago
it might been but once again on xbox nothing , always going to be the coding,, sadly,,
217 days ago
This doctrine is working according to our tests (it was reported a while ago and we checked it then).