The Longbox Chest - Adding more variety


I will summarize this in bullet point form so as not to be terribly long winded.

A. After opening these chests a few hundred times, having either a handful of loot drop OR 3 turrets becomes very unrewarding.

B. New rewards list: 

1. Nothing (just some dust swirls which would be pretty funny)

2. Random spawn encounter - Nurgling swarm/Gobbler swarm and anything on a list of progressively tougher mobs

3. Random Guardsman stuck in stasis - He thanks you for saving his life and runs off in a random direction till leaving the screen (How did he get in there ?)

4. Lost variants of Tomes/Codices - You could presumably find several lost and heavily redacted versions of the Codex Astartes (grin)

5. Random teleport - This could also randomly teleport you to somewhere on the map either already cleared or in the middle of a huge group of enemies.

Obviously thousands of things you could add for variety =)

I only made these suggestions because at the heart of 40K IMO is "surprise" and who does not love a good surprise when they open a loot box ?

I am loving the game so far and looking forward to playing a Tech-Adept

Keep up the great work Neocore!! *2 thumbs up*

"Venerate the Immortal Emperor"

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The Longbox Chest - Adding more variety
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2 years 142 days ago

' Random Guardsman stuck in stasis ' - this was a good one.:)
We will consider this, thanks!