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Hello fellow Inquisitors I have been playing the most recent iteration of the game and i got to say it is an enormous improvement. However i have problems and issues with some things, not major problems in the lines of game breaking issues but nitpicks more or less. I do realize this is still very early access but i would still like to put my feedback out there. Feel free to comment and correct if I have something wrong all input is welcome but please say something more constructive than boo you suck at this game.  

So lets break it down, first the classes

Assassin is probably my favorite right now, wielding the sword and dashing into enemy lines to wreak havoc on them in lightning fast succession is in a word awesome. admittedly i have only played around a little with the ranged weapons of the assassin, the long lass is pretty good and the auto gun and bolter are very effective in most situations. however they never felt as effective as melee, even utilizing cover when possible you are out there soaking rounds, trying to kill the enemy's before they can kill you. That i don't is how the assassin should play, instead it seems more of the crusader's style. This brings me to the dodging mechanic, the assassins closing and retreating mechanic. i find this ability incredibly handy for melee but not as much for ranged, this is due to the fact that while you are dodging your not killing and therefore the enemy more or less has you suppressed. Personally i think that after you dodge you should be given a 3 second or so dodge buff of 15 or 20 percent, not the full 100% of the dodge itself but enough to justify not spamming it and your focus to oblivion as well as give you an opening for attack. That brings me to another issue, focus at least in this iteration is anemic. What i mean by this is that the assassin has trouble gaining and or maintaining it. The crusader gains it passively but the assassin has to damage the enemy to gain theirs. Now this would not be a problem normal but the amount you get back per hit is so low especially when you almost always have to spam dodge. also unlike the crusader there is no way to increase your resource income through perk trees. This also brings me around to what you can spend your focus points on, armor abilities. They are largely weak, the cloak the most effective one is useless once combat starts for the most part and the surprise damage buff is somewhat underwhelming. This could be fixed by extending how log the buff lasts or increasing the output of the buff as well as allowing you to cloak briefly in combat for a couple seconds. The spacial distortion armor is pretty good CC but when most of the enemies are ranged its helpfulness is only so so. This could be fixed by giving you some damage reduction in the field or make the field stick to your character and move with you. The holo clone armor is by far the most useless in my eyes, they hardly draw fire and when they do they die almost instantly. They don't do any health damage and almost no suppression. You could fix this by making them timed but invincible and force enemy fire or let them do a portion say 20% of your damage. All in all I feel the assassin should be fore risk reward, utilizing mitigation to avoid damage as apposed to soaking it.

Now on to the crusader admittedly my least played character this iteration though i do have a couple hours and many more on the previous iteration. First off buff the Armour rating, the crusader should not have comparative armor ratting to the assassin. the Armour rates of the previous iteration were fine. second either tone down the movement loss on heavy weapons a bit say to -10% or crank up Armour and or damage even more. time to kill and damage traded for the crusader using heavy weapons is off, perhaps give an armor buff while using them. That's all my complaints for the crusader, kit looks god and it is more or less balanced a few tweaks and id personally say its spot on.

Now weapons, there are a lot of nitpicks but i will focus on just a few of the worst for now. The shot gun is weak, it has its moments clearing out nurglings once in awhile but the overall damage output for the low range is abysmal. The pierce and knock back abilities are pretty good full auto is sometimes effective but the regular fire is weak.crank up the damage and tighten the spread 20%, no shotgun has a spread that wide. The flamer, good lord do i have a love hate relationship with this weapon. Its not bad, its just its not that good, the damage output compared to most other weapons is weak perhaps besides the shotgun, however the fix is pretty easy and it will shore up some other weapons downsides. Make your dots tick faster. dots right now are somewhat weak and under appreciated. on solution is to make them do more damage which would fix them, however it wouldn't differentiate damage. dot damage and static damage add texture to the combat especially if your the type that likes seeing damage numbers.

Welp that,s all I have right now, please let me know what you think on some of the maters i discussed. 

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The Game so far
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Nice write-up, i'll include this in our feedback section.

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