Cabal Extermination mission disappeared?


Hi we started yesterday to run the Extermination Mission vor the cabal in the Chernobog System.

I moved on today to finish the  cabalmission,but after a few runs the Mission disappeared and i can't find anymore greenlayer missions.

I toghte first maybe it is on cooldown or somethink like that but that i saw that the placeholder missions are reseted as well.

I think now it is broken. If someone has some further Information or maybe a salution pls let me know. :)

ACC Name: Sigsauer

Char Name:  Felroth Gelt

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Cabal Extermination mission disappeared?
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6 years 310 days ago

I am Grandmaster of my cabal, and I fail to find any more Cabal Extermination Missions (CEM), too :-(

One of my cabal members was able to see a few of these missions, so we made him leader in coop to do these missions.

But now we are stuck at 18/51, until other members find CEMs...

So, as a workaround,  ask other members of your cabal whether or not they are able to find CEMs, and if they do find some, make those members leader in coop to take on the missions.

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6 years 310 days ago
Thanks, we will look into this issue ASAP!