Telekinetic Dome/Psykers in General


Ruins are not working correctly with Telekentic dome. Duration, and Cooldown time do nothing.

There are quite a few mastery runes that do not work and have never worked for Psykers.

Perhaps its time to revisit those? 

Also the Debuff tree powers do nothing Castigation never happens, Armor debuffing doesnt work, The only thing that actually works in the Debuff trees are the durations and strength bonuses. Nothing else ever appears on active effects.

After having played this game for this amount of time, I can safely say that most of the powers in the psker trees that have anything to do with the terrible supression system and HP per hit actually work. Some of the Critical hit tree actually works pretty good. However almost every other damage increasing tree for psykers seems to have Zero Effect. 

For example why can you melt through Chaos Space Marine Champion villains like butter, but for some reason Bulgruns wearing T shirts take 10 seconds to kill? One has armor the other has nothing.

I just think its time to rethink Combat, Enemies, powers, and Armor in this game. Its mature enough and has enough varied content, that it can finally be improved into something spectacular. As it is there is no carrot to chase, no light at the end of the tunnel, No reason to play. It accomplishes nothing, not even making you more powerful. I have been wearing the same thing and using the same powers for 2 months. Not because I havent tried others,  but because nothing else is viable and or survivable. 

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Telekinetic Dome/Psykers in General
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4 years 125 days ago
Bulgryns have those shields. They are hard to kill from the fron while they hold their shields up. When they charge up their rush they are vulnerable and after their rush they are vulnerable, too.

But you're right: it make no sense those shields provides more protection than space marine power armor...