tecky weapons massive problem


i have huge problem i have upgraded kataphron phosphor blaster  to  101- 102- now the color has change back to white item not red ( not getting  the dmg bonus help?)

taking off weapon change to flamer doesnt fix the weapon

white = no weapon -0 dmg.. have this 

but should be 

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tecky weapons massive problem
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11 days ago
Cerberus Hades
I'm checking this!
12 days ago
so any eta on fixing it..  would be nice to do extra dmg,,,
16 days ago

i cant show stat there broken. they dont exist at all

both weapon are like  that

kataphorn grav- cannon

phosphor blaster both turn white with 0 stats after upgrading them pass 100



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17 days ago

You haven't made a picture about the white weapon itself. Can you show me its stats just like in the 2nd picture?