Tech-Adept. Disappointed. I want an aesthetic rework.


So I got Prophecy a few days ago on sale, wanted to try the Tech-Adept because Mechanicus. I expected a half man, half machine cyborg but instead I got a pope on a spider disk. He doesn't even have any augments. My disappointment is immesurable.

"But he's not a Tech-Priest" you say?

The guy can call in Kastelan robots, the Cult of the Machine God doesn't hand those out to just anyone and the inquisition wouldnt recruit a lowly nobody. 


So I'm leveling up and thinking maybe he'll visually get augments with new armour, but instead he gets a pope hat. Not even a hood but a hat. This new armour also exposes his legs and I find out his robotic spider legs is in fact just a disk he stands on. Its a guy standing on a disk with a pope hat. What? Then when going to cosmetics to hide helmet it even removes the breathing mask meaning he doesn't even have a breathing augment. He's not Mechanicus, he's just a guy on a spider disk.

I'm actually going to have to demand a rework because this class just got it aesthetically wrong at every turn.

  • Change the class story from being recruited into the Inquisition to being on loan from the Mechanicus to the Inquisition. Why would Mechanicus supply the Inquisition with their Kastelan robots? Makes more sense if he's just on loan.
  • Completely rework the whole aesthetics of the character model. Either have him walk with his own legs or make the spider legs part of him as augments. He needs to be less organic and more machine.
  • Remove all the hats. All of them. Delete them from the game. Replace them with hoods and facial augments of various kinds. The higher level armour the more augments. Top level/quality has complete facial augmentations.
  • More interesting weapons. My god. 2 axes and 2 rifles and then 2 different variations of each? Keep the rad rifle as a single target, change the arc rifle to chain between enemies, keep the arc axe, add a mechanicus staff. Right now its summon bots and spam left mouse button. Add more varied skills that has synergy with the bots. 
  • Tentacles! Make tentacle weapons as new one handed ranged weapons or even as bots that shoot automatically at your targets and as one handed melee weapons.

This is what he should look like:

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Tech-Adept. Disappointed. I want an aesthetic rework.
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217 days ago
We will not likely to touch upon the Tech-Adept from these aspects as everything you can see in Inquisitor has been approved by Games Workshop after we consulted them several times. 
222 days ago

Although I unfortunately doubt they will care about it.

222 days ago

I agree with your ideas.