Tech-Adept Deep Dive - Example Build II.


Following up on yesterday's post about the new Tech-Adept builds, we're back with another one we think could lay waste to many a heretic in the Caligari Sector. This build is designed for a fast playstyle, balanced single target and AoE damage and a more "classic" take on the summoner archetype. Without further ado, let's take a look!

Necromechanic Skirmisher

This one uses an ideal mix of Constructs and a steady Energy shield while maintaining a high heat damage output from long ranges. Spamming Necromechanic Raiment’s active skill is going to give you movement speed and a stacking damage boost to your Constructs while constantly feeding your shield. This one might be good for players who don't want to diverge far from a classic summoner playstyle, but still want to stay active by managing resources, maintaining high speed and cleartime, switching between the target designator and the small AoE-dps attacks of the Plasma Caliver as the battleground’s state demands.

Equipped Constructs:

  • Plasma Caliver Beta as the weapon in the secondary set
  • Plasma Caliver Alpha as the primary weapon, just like in the Flamer specialist build. We’re using the extra slot to summon a Kataphron Vanguard (equipped with the Power Axe for Taunt) when we enter the map or lose our tank during fights.
  • For Construct slot one, we usually use a Voltagheist Turret, but it can be switched to a Gamma Turret if you’re having trouble staying alive on extremely difficult missions. 
  • Psiloi Combustors with Meltaguns or Lasguns are equipped as second constructs
  • Kataphron Destroyer with Flamer and Plasma Cannon or Grav Cannon on the third


  • Plasma Calivers for weapons
  • Technomartyr Girdle for the extra summon slot
  • Necromechanic Raiment as armor

Psalm Doctrines:

  • Alpha weapon: +125% Physical Damage. Affects Constructs as well.
  • Main Implant: +70% Heat Damage. Affects Constructs as well.
  • Inoculator: +70% Heat Damage. Affects Constructs as well.
  • Necromechanic Raiment: Gain 50% of your max HP as a Regenerating Energy Shield, 2% Shield HP regeneration, +100% Maximum Shield Cap
  • Plasma Caliver Beta: No compulsory Psalm-code in here - feel free to use multiple Sicarian and Magistratus Shards for the extra Crit Chance and the Seasonal effect trigger. This can be replaced by any potent high-tier Psalm-code if you wish.

Main Enchants:

  • “2% HP and Suppression gained per point of Focus spent”- Ancient Relic Armor (Necromechanic Raiment of Unity).
  • “Adds a Vulnerability to the target based on the damage type on Critical Hit” - Eye Implant
  • Any further enchant which applies Vulnerability (The seasonal Signum for example, or the Superheated Discharge Passive on the Heat Attacks tree) is welcome.
  • The Ancient relic item “Technomartyr Girdle of Calculation” gives you X Shield Charge for every Data flux spent. This is rather important to have, works really well with your spamming of the Repair Constructs skill on your armor.
  • Seasonal Enchants affecting Thunderbolt of Authority are usually a good choice as the rest of your godlikes.



  • Skitarii Neurosync for its decent Data regen
  • Heatsinks and Puritan for extra heat damage and Energy Shield synergy


  • For this build basically just max out Critical Hits and Construct Offense trees, pick the DR and Resist passives from Construct Defense to gain access to Transfer Strain. 
  • Choose the points linked to Psiloi Combustors in the Construct Specialization tree, and pick Thorny Bulwark and Overkill Procedure too.
  • Support tree’s “Invigorating Faith” is a must for every TA build.
  • Don't forget to pick Superheated Discharge Passive on the Heat Attacks tree.
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Tech-Adept Deep Dive - Example Build II.
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286 days ago
Gameplay video? :p
310 days ago
Because this build is using four different constructs with the new Tech Fragment system, I wonder if there would be a struggle to keep the construct weapons upgraded high enough? The first build with the Turrets is perhaps more manageable with three different constructs. However, with this said, because of damage bonuses from other things, perhaps it's not really an issue.