Tech-adept bugs inoculator and skill tree


After playing this game more than 500 hours i  wanted to try tech-adept which i have not played yet.  And suprise i have found couple bugs when leveling my tech-adept.

1 = Inoculatator visual and sound effect doesn't trigger when using inoculator. Sound and visual effect trigger after you complate mission and teleport away. (otherwise inoculator heals and works ok).

2 = Construct defence skill tree - Encased machine spirit passive-  "says that constructs are immune to knockdown effects" but psiloi vivsectors are still knocked down by example those nurgle champions with charging attack.

3 = Health skill tree - Shock stimulus passive-  "5 suppression gained on deflect" except tech-adept cannot deflect only dodge (propably because skill tree is copied from crusader and deflect not changed to dodge) . 

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Tech-adept bugs inoculator and skill tree
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121 days ago
Thanks for the detailed report, we will check all 3 issues!