Saving Caius Thorn Mission Error


Was playing the missions co-op but when trying to do the third i was told i had not progressed enough. swapped to my campaign but there are no campaign missions visible I am not sure what to do to fix this?

Is there a fix for this,

Thanks for your time.

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Saving Caius Thorn Mission Error
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78 days ago
We resolved the problem please check on your account!
79 days ago
Hey there, I'm also having this issue on my assassin on PS4. Did the first two solo and the last coop but it never completed and now there's no mission for me to complete the question.
81 days ago
Hi Marcopolocs,

thanks for that i can see that it is fixed now,

Much appreciated.

82 days ago
I assume you ran into this problem with your Psyker. Could you please check if it's still not working now?