tech-adept broken skills

so while playing with a friend on ps4 i got the kataphran unlocked, tried to use two of them and the skills in the next mission were just white blocks, no cooldowns, no cost, no summons, and now i can't get the skill slots back no matter what i change them to. i have no idea how or why this happened. but i would really appreciate some developer assistance on this one, which apparently is tied to multiplayer
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tech-adept broken skills
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1 year 280 days ago
There is no workaround for the problem but a planned patch will get released within 2 weeks to resolve the issue in question.
1 year 281 days ago
I'm having this same exact issue. If anyone finds out a fix please post it, it's making tech adept useless with friends.
1 year 287 days ago
it seem to do this with any of the summons, my friend was "using" turrets that he could not summon when it happened to him. so we believe it to be a fairly generic multiplayer bug for the tech-adept as i would assume any of the skills could stop being used. but good science requires testing, time to go and intentionally break my skills
1 year 287 days ago

Are you sure this was with the Kataphron and not the Kastelan Robot? It seems you tried to use the Kastelan.
Thanks for the screenshot!:)

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1 year 289 days ago
done, my buddi and i are pretty sure it is a multiplayer issue, as it can be replicated as a pair but not alone
1 year 291 days ago
Could you please take a screenshot about what you see and share it with us? You can edit your post and attach the picture to it. It would help us greatly. Thanks in advance!