Tech Adept and Psalm-Codes


I was wondering if we could get a list for the Psalm codes/ Doctrines that affect our bots with things like

Physical damage

Heat damage

Minion damage (should be obvious)


Because the "Construct Setup" console in the ship bridge only shows the base damage and not what they get from any gear.  Theirs or the Tech-Adept.

Edit: Also would it be possible for pet buffs to be added to the characters buff bar while on mission?

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Tech Adept and Psalm-Codes
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3 years 36 days ago
Enraged state increases minion damage but unsure if the additional Relic modifiers for X% damage per Enraged token is helping. 

Sadly Berserk didn't appear to increase minion damage at 150 Berserk stacks.

3 years 38 days ago

The Psalm-Code Doctrine for 50% minion hp only appears to add 1000 hp to the vivisectors and 4000 hp to the Kastelan Robots.

The Psalm-Code Doctrine for 50% minion damage seems to only add 100-150 damage to any of the mechs.

3 years 39 days ago
Nothing does. Except for the ones that say Construct. Dam short list.