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might be somewhere here already, or not, cba to look, too peeved off (but will look later when calm, but wanna rageout a bit):
where the hell are they, how do you cause them to drop in a meaningful way? the stupid objective to level up a card is almost impossible, did 4 missions in a row with venom + treasure trove + momentum. dropped precisely 2 mf tarot cards, while clearing the whole bloody map each time, bought omega loot boxes cause they said it contains tarrot cards, ive yet to gain at least one tarrot from them. WTH?
plx halp

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tarrot cards
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1 year 165 days ago
i know, but the problem is, THEY WONT DROP :D

how am i to level them up, if i get 2 cards from several fully cleared missions that also have the boost already (as ive said, even tho its lvl1, tarot card drop card, +2 duplicating cards,, still no reasonable drop rate (if 2 cards from 4 missions where i kill everything and they had plenty of special enemies (champs, elites, villains) and normal groups, is reasonable, no wonder Terra is frakked...), its almost again like someone doesnt want people to like and play the game (and have fun) ... :P ) ? and i dont have time and mood to play 15 hours every day to grind that gak... 

so that is the question :( why why why is it like this. why at least not make guaranteed number of cards (even one per mission, since what im experiencing feels like targeting) no matter from any and all missions you complete

1 year 167 days ago
You can increase the drop chance if you level up the cards which grant more Tarot card consumables. After reaching 10 on each cards don't level them up so consumables will be distributed among only those cards which got levelled up.