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Crusader armors are pretty great, and the abilities that come with them are awesome, but they seem rather limiting, since you can not modify the skill in anyway. Also this is one of the few games where I use a controller, and I find that there is a button that the assassin uses for dodges, that no other class has a use for. For me that's a waste of a button, so why cant that button be used to select an alternative mode for the crusader armor skills. 

I guess it will be easier to explain with an example, I will list the current armors and the current skill functions, with the alternative fire mode, wich will be toggled/switched by pressing a button.



-The AoE missile launch is a great attack, but it limits playstyles and use since its a AoE circular barrage. If we could select an alternative fire mode that would let you launch single target homing missiles, it would add another layer of customization. 

- Another option could be a homing AoE (Macross style) that does less dmg per missile, but it hits moving targets. Leaving the skill button pressed locks on to multiple targets. AoE dmg on these missiles and range should be reduced.

-The fact that you can not change the damage type also forces you to take a hit from being heat damage based, since it doesnt add to the physical explosive. Being able to select between physical/heat/toxic ammunition, will give more range in use and playstyles.

Jetpack one(cuz i dont remember the name)

- The movement skill is amazing, squishing enemies with it is awesome. But I find myself using it more for movement purposes than combat, when I am not using my flamethrower or melee weapons. An alternative sustained flight mode, that increases your suppression damage (due to tactical superiority from being above your target) will allow it to be more appealing to range combat users. 

- The flight should be limited by not allowing you to move while airborne, and it drains focus while using it. 

- Another option would be adding a forward dash similar to the void rippers, that causes damage in a path instead of AoE when landing.

- You can switch mode by pressing a button.

Turret armor

- The turrets work great for point defense, but it limits you to physical damage. 

- The table lets you select and modify the turret type/dmg like the tech adepts has the ability to modify his.

- By pressing the button you can switch between 2 selected turrets out of the 4 available types (flame/las/bullets/missile) giving you more versatility.

- Other functions could be considered to be added to the turrets, like positive/negative auras, allowing the crusader to play a support role. These auras can reduce suppresion damage, increase resource generation, slow enemies etc.


The idea is to add a bit more options for players when it comes to building there character. While this isn't a game changing feature, it does give crusader builds another layer of customization, and more versatility, giving theory crafters more to work with, and making armors and there uses more dynamic.

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Crusader Armor Workbench
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264 days ago

Sorry, just ignore my post. I was thinking about something else. Marcos, just delete my post please.

I´m not able to do anything about my post at all, for some reason.

264 days ago
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266 days ago

Not right now but I will add this to our request list. The next class receiving some love will be the Psyker. :)

270 days ago

Sadface about the panel..

But happyface about you liking the idea of more precise missiles.

About the jetpack, I guess I meant that instead of a leap from point a to b, the rockets can propel you straight forward like a train, knocking down everything in its path.

With what you said about crusaders for tanker, any plans to add a "taunt" ability? 

272 days ago
The ideas are great but to make them happen - especially the setup part - a new panel would be required on the bridge and just for this, I'm afraid, we won't touch on it. Nevertheless, great ideas, I forward them to our designers, who might take something out of them. 

I like the idea, that the Demolition Armour's Missile ability could be controlled more precisely and could target individuals instead of an area. We will think about this!

But I'm not sure how you meant the dash forward ability of the Jetpack. After landing down you dash forward? I have to add that the Crusader was meant to be a tanker, not a support-type/agile class. Of course, some adjustment would be cool for ranged-Crusaders but we want to keep their main characteristics.