Tarot mission rewarding Relic's


Since two days i get Relics instead of Artifacts. I am really glad about Imperators Bless, but i think it should be fixed ... some day far away :P.

ACC Name Sigsauer

Char Name Felroth Gelt

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Tarot mission rewarding Relic's
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6 years 17 days ago
Heretic Chris

Yeah, I've hit the Power cap (1402, everything fused) and now all the missions in the final system are grey, they only give 5 glory and about 500-700 exp. It's great being super powerful though...

6 years 18 days ago
Heretic Chris

I can confirm that it started at Rank 38 , but i'am not sure about my PR anymore.

6 years 18 days ago

Yeah same here, seems to be a zone after Rank 38 PR 1000 that you get Relics instead of Artificer stuff.

Seemed to return to normal after I hit PR 1200 though.

Seems nice but actually is kind of game breaking since I jumped PR so fast and now have nothing left to do!

Account xp is max of about 1500 a mission now and with 20k+ per level that's a loooong grind.