Targeting limbs



Apart from all the other known issues with performance, crashes and what not, I've encountered the following issues;

It appears to be impossible to shoot off limbs as demonstrated in the gameplay videos on the website. Personally, I think it's a really cool feature, so naturally I set about to try it out.
It took me a while to figure out that you have to hold the aimed shot button down to get the targeting wheel up. Unfortunatly it doesn't seem to do anything targeting the same limb all the time. That - or the visuals effects are missing. So far I've tried with a boltgun and lasgun. No joy.

Also a bit of input, if I may.

The whole activation seems a bit clunky - at least on PC, it may differ on consoles or with controllers. You have to hold the aimed shot control down far too long to get the while up, and when you finally do, it's pretty easy to target the wrong limb. Also, should you get knocked back while having the targeting wheel up, the game client shouldn't use the ability on whatever limb it's targeting as default. Simply just don't fire the ability IMO.


When I started the game first I tried to set up some custom controls to be able to move with WASD. After having bound W for moving forward I couldn't bind the Z-key for swapping weapons for some odd reason; The edit input changed, and appeared to save, but it seems that it just wasn't commited for some obscure reason.

After resetting to defaults, I was able to bind it the way I wanted by changing the Swap-weapon key (W as default IIRC) first and then assigning W for moving forward.

Hope this helps.


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Targeting limbs
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7 years 154 days ago
It's not scientific, but I feel like targeting the head is more likely to crit - but you're right in saying the others don't seem to do anything. 
7 years 154 days ago

Its not a visual problem for sure. No matter how much damage i do to a limb, dreads use both their weapons throughout the fight. I am unsure about the critical thing. It might be like that, at the same time it would seem like a very cheap way of killing something fast so i don't know if i want it to be like that(confirmation bias right there) 

Tried shooting them in the legs also, doesn't seem to affect speed, knock down or even increase suppresion. Its like the selection wheel doesn't have any effect.

7 years 154 days ago
Started targeting limbs and though I don't see anything visually and they still attack with all weeapons it does seem that they are easier to kill. If I don't target dreadnought limbs my suppression is near red when I finish the fight. When targeting limbs it is not only green but almost 3/4 of the green is still there. Feels like they still do animations but I'm not taking damage from destroyed limbs.