Tank still poop, Walker still better in every way.


Am I alone in this belief that even after the buffs to the tank, its still utter trash?  I played it for a couple minutes trying to kill stuff driving around laughing maniacally, only to realize it was still not as good as the walker. And then found myself after that just driving by it all like I've done literally every other time I've played it since the first time when it was buggy as hell and blitzing by was the only reliable way to complete it.

The walker still feels better in every single way.   Its movement, ability to kill, survivability, FEELING powerful and awesome.  The tank still lacks all of this by comparison.  And let me be clear, when I played the walker this time around, I actually jsut went on a killing spree for the hell of it, because it FEELS so good by comparison that is the weakest stormhammer(right tank?)  that I've ever seen in a 40k game.  That same tank in Dawn of War would have mopped the floor with everything in that map, and then some and asked for more and would have felt awesome in the process.

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Tank still poop, Walker still better in every way.
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