Suggestion about a new expansion


Hi, this is the first time posting here, i read often the forums but never write something. I want to say i play this game over a year. before that I didn't even know it existed, and i love it more and more with each new content you add to the game, big or small. Still, i believe not many fans of Arpg genre like me know about the game, but its feels like the popularity is growing. This has been said before by other players, but i want to add my voice too, i would love to see a new expansion. And im sure its would help many people know about this game. The best content i can see is adding the new content focused on Necrons as main antagonists. They have been even mentionen in some Prophecy mission allready, so it would be a nice addition to the actual lore involving the game. I imagine that the new zones could be a "Jungle" ambiented ones, and i love that idea. I would definetely buy 3 or 4 copies, for me and my friends.

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Suggestion about a new expansion
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