System influence too slow


At least this is true  for the  first few  sectors that   you progress  past them way  faster then you gain the  system influence for that  area.  This is not a   oh  ****  i don't want to grind thread  but maybe  once that  system is green   or grey to you the influence gains faster then just 10 per mission  Or  say you work  for another part of that  subsector part of the  reward is shared with the others. The  rewards are good  but maybe have a few more towards the  top  to really reward those dedicated enough to  grind  through them.  

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System influence too slow
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6 years 288 days ago

As it may seem a slow progress in lower systems i find it apropiate for the higher ones as you will spend more time on second ones as your progress will slow.

Notice that system influence its shared by account so as you level different characters you may complete them later with other characters.

6 years 288 days ago

I Did not know it was account shared.   That  make  it allot  better.  Thanks for that  info.

Also i  think my problem was  that  i  crammed the storyline  without realizing what it was until later and  kinda  screwed myself  for the  lowest area.

6 years 288 days ago

Cabal missions also send you back to the lower areas. All mine have been in the first system at my power level.