Suppression tree & side missions


My process to unlock the suppression tree is: 

Scanning every map, running through missions on multiple planets, catalog which maps dont spawn side missing, and regularly surrender those mission maps in the future.

But I'm not getting keyhole maps or side mission maps (A/B versions) to appear. Spent over 8 hours in two days attempting this with no result.  Tried making new characters and running through the introductory to side missions, which didn't give any credit. 

Is there a plan to increase the frequency of these missions? Every other tree is under the players control to unlock, but the extremely low spawn rate of these missions + no player involvement is beyond frustrating.  

Spawning and surrendering missions, only to have two minute load/cycles times for hours on end is exhausting. 

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Suppression tree & side missions
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126 days ago


as we got several reports on the matter we already considered making changes in this regard so there is a chance the requirement will change.
Until then here is a useful guide which proved to be efficient to many players unlocking the tree: