Lost curremcy- no delivery on crafted item


In other words- There's an ingame scam that doesn't put my order in queue after I've made my purchase. All currencies are lost as well as crafting materials used.  Also, Crafting locks up and cannot be done for the duration. 

Please reply with the name of your supervisor in the case you do not expedite my request to return all lost currency and materials. 

I suggest shutting down service until your company fixes the game

Thank you.

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Lost curremcy- no delivery on crafted item
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4 years 166 days ago

our apologize for the caused inconvenience. We compensated your credit loss and provided a consumable which you can find in your main character's inventory. That can help your leveling for a certain period of time.
The crafting has been redesigned on our end to make it more efficient - we also took out the crafting time. These changes will get implemented into the game on PS4 with the 2.0 patch.