(ANSWERED) Suppression Damage Reduction Bug?


EDIT - Thanks to Boro for the answer. Per an old set of patch notes:

  • Added Suppression damage reduce affixes, and a 75% hard cap for its maximum value

Hey all, for a build I'm trying, I decided to try to max out the suppression damage reduction stat. I noticed that, despite having 101% suppression damage reduction, I still seemed to take suppression damage. Is this skill secretly capped like normal damage reduction, or is it maybe bugged? I've included a video to show this in action:

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(ANSWERED) Suppression Damage Reduction Bug?
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1 year 356 days ago

Dang. I'm a little bummed that it's capped, but at the same time it makes sense that they'd wanna prevent you from being fully immune. I just wish I didn't try to reroll for the stats >_<

Thanks for the help, Boro!

1 year 356 days ago
Hey. So suppression damage reduction is actually hard-capped at 75%. This is tucked away in the Season 1 patch notes, but nowhere else. The UI is bugged and will happily show you having above 100% instead of stopping at 75% and turning yellow to indicate a cap, but mechanically the game will still cap out at 75%. (There is no soft-cap like normal DR.)

@Rigg: Suppression DR is multiplicative with enemy attack suppression bonuses, AFIAK. So if the game did let you have 100%, you'd be immune. This is much like the DR and resist stats---if you could get 100%, you'd be immune. The invincible double-armoured bug that's been floating around is actually a result of this: armour is an internal 40%/80% additive stat, and the bug was a condition where it accidentally didn't get capped properly, rendering enemies immune.

1 year 356 days ago
Ah, I see. That's a little bit of a bummer haha Oh well, thanks for the info!
1 year 357 days ago

101% suppression damage reduction not guarantee 100% immunate to sup damage. just + 100% то basic. but enemies can attack +150% +500% for example from basic depending on the level difference.