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I am fully aware that probably most of what I am about to mention has already been addressed. First and foremost I pray to the success of this game. I personally prefer quality over quantity. This game can go places if it wants, but only the future will tell.

- I like the tone and background music of the game as it stands, It's not distracting and it fits the genre. I do wonder if there will be more horror elements involved as far as music because the SFXs are spot on for where things are.

- 7 Foot Giants in heavy armor with weapons the size of a man's leg...

...Worst Muzzle Flashes Ever.

- The game feels very 'clicky' to get to missions and to where the action is. I'm pretty sure someone has mentioned this already. 

- The weapon abilities: The system feels limited and unilateral. I can see it becoming monotonous really quick. I suggest putting some rpg elements into the weapon skills as well. Additional techniques that can be swapped and interchanged at will to break up the default swing attack routine. This will be important for heavy melee players who have a preferred style of play and those that like to experiment. Which leads me to my next point.

-Are we limited to only 4 abilities? 

- I fail to see where the 'Open World' aspect comes into play. It bugs me to see this in games " Click on the planet to land on, to do the few missions that are the size of a neighborhood that represent the ENTIRE PLANET"... Come on.

- I hope the idea of playing with more strategy doesn't mean I'll be kiting and running backwards every time I encounter a mob. When I come home from work, I want to be Vi-o-lent.

-There are a LOT of things to level. Not that it bothers me, but I cant help but wonder if some of those trees can be condensed or gradually introduced over the course of leveling. Its like BLAM, boxes everywhere!

- Will gear even matter in this game? I see there is an attack rating system. What is the point of giving me options if attack rating is all that matters? I could be wrong. I hope I am.

Have not played the game for very long. But I am impressed so far. Onwards and upwards.

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Suggestions and comments
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6 years 310 days ago

That would be a great way to balance out range character so they don't get murdered in CQBs. It would be wise for range to have a bug out ability for those hairy situations. I agree

6 years 310 days ago

It would be cool to have possibility of mele attack using distance weapon (rifle etc) with bayonet or normal hit witout use fire ability.