Feedback from last session and questions


First of all a really good patch, I like the way we are going!


Chainsword: If you are hitting a teleport/alarm beacon, tarantula, security door etc. -you get a bleeding effect, the same as you are hitting human enemies. Looks weird that blood is pouring out like a river from those metal objects.

Colour of the text (shop, starmap ...) is changing if you rotate the view in the ship (most likely due to the background light). It is easy to read, but for my taste the whole bright neon style is out of place, it could be darker.

Coop: adding quickgame is cool, but some  additional options were nice (playercount, mission type). What really annoyed me here, was when the counter hit 0 and 3/4 where ready it started a new Que. Had this 3 or 4 times in row, I would appreciate if the game would start instead, when only one Player did not press ready.

Traps: Trapbolters are cool (the ones popping out of the Floor), more similar traps would be nice (rotor blades/spikes from the Floor if you walk over it?). Poison rooms are kinda "meh" - it would be more challenging if it only would trigger in the middle of the room to create a Tension that you have to get out as fast as you can, and not just turn around and shoot the door.

Using the dual Plasma Pistols with firing mode "1" on same power Level like the character feels like cheating. Goes through all of the enemies in line and kills them very fast.  On the other Hand Shooting with "2" is pointless...

Adding secret rooms to the maps would be nice (room behind a "hologram wall"or behind some exploding Barrels?)

The ingame UI - is more functional then the old one, but now looks i don't know, ist hard to say - boring or unfinished(?)


Any News regarding the Fortress mode? Don't see it on the Roadmap and the placeholder is also removed.

Are you planning in near future another twitch broadcast?

Will there be a way to upgrade the pack I bought and if yes how many times? Didn't decided yet if it will be the Interrogator or Master.

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Feedback from last session and questions
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6 years 178 days ago

About the Fortresses - We really want to add this feature into the game, but we don't know when this will happen. But as you can see, it will probably happen after release. It's a really big thing and need a lot of work. 

Twitch broadcast - sure, there will be more livestreams in the near future. 

This feature is nearly ready, and soon you will be able to upgrade. 

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