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I play on PS4 & after reading about what's coming in 2.0 I'm super excited. These changes seem to be just what the game needs to be interesting again. Quite honestly the original game lost my interest very quickly. The main campaign was great, but once the story was finished it became very repetitive & boring. Crafting was completely worthless & loot attained in missions was only usable when the level cap was raised. 

The Dark Eldar & Khorne DLC's were decent but too short, easily finishable in a couple of hours, and the other things you call DLC are really nothing more than random priority missions with a name. At least add some unique story to them & some actual audio instead of just the same text to read. The other problem with the DLC priority missions is that the ability to adjust difficulty is unavailable. For a well built max level character they're so unchallenging that they really aren't fun to play. 

I hope that the new loot tiers, crafting, void missions & map types breathe new life into this game. Getting that top level gear needs to be more of a grind, I don't even remember the last time I received a piece under the current system that I was actually interested in. 

I have a couple of suggestive that I didn't see listed in the 2.0 description that I'd like to see implemented that I believe would further improve the game. 

The one I'd like too see the most & would add the most value to me is the ability to customize & save the progress of player 2. One of the big reasons I bought Martyr is because I can play it with a friend in the same room. But despite that player 2 is the same power rating the fact that their character build is generic & not created with synergy in mind when choosing gear & skills they are vastly weaker. My friend dies easily while I'm standing in the midst of hordes of enemies & take no damage. This makes the 2 player experience far less enjoyable for both of us. Many other games pull this feature off & I wish you would too. 

Drop the priority mission DLC's or make significant changes to them. Receiving a DLC that takes 15 minutes to complete & is no different than the random priority missions generated in game is bogus & feels dishonest. Put some work into a custom story with voice acting that gives us an additional hour at least or just don't do them at all. 

Please expand the ship. Crowding everyone into a single room on a ship the size of what exists in 40k was a completely illogical design choice. Give us an armory instead of just a chest to store things in, the tech priest surely needs a larger facility than the tiny station he stands at now, a separate medical facility, a library where clues are researched, a reliquary where xenos artifacts are stored, etc. There are so many opportunities to be added here & adding new areas would open up the possibility of new content. Being boarded by xenos, a visit from a fellow Inquisitor, a daemonic surprise attack while traveling the warp between systems. 

Morality needs to be expanded & be more impactful. Currently there aren't even enough morality choices to finish the tree. The ones that were part of the main story were well placed & felt like actual moral decisions. More like this please. 

To sum it up I think you are on the right path with 2.0 & I can't wait to play it, but a few more features & some additional fine tuning could really add to the game. Thanks for continuing to support Martyr. 

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