Suggestion/request - screen edge markers


So I'm fairly new to the game (PS4) but not to isometric RPGs (in fact this year I briefly tried and abandoned Path of Exile) and while I'm enjoying the game after a few weeks of play i have one bug-bear that I'd like to raise and that's the lack of pertinent on-screen information.

 I know the immediate response to that is "play with the map up" but staring at tiny red dots on a half-opaque map to have any clue what's going on feels outdated and gives me a throbbing headache. 

All I'm asking for is the option to enable small markers at the screen edge that appear when markers would appear on the map pointing to the nearest off-screen enemies (red,) doors (white) and chests/points of interest (green) so I have all the information I need to play without having to stare at the graphical equivalent of a 1980s 2D dungeon crawler.

 I personally don't think "X game makes you need a map and I'm used to it" is sufficient justification for what's purely a lack of information from the HUD proper. If the map tells me when there are enemies a ways off screen I don't get an advantage from a marker doing the same, I just don't have to get a migraine staring at a map.

 It's only a recommendation to counter what i see as a big oversight in the player feedback department so take it as you will, the game is otherwise a lot of fun (maybe some armour taken directly from the tabletop wouldn't go amiss though: I'd give you actual money for a set of Callidus gear cosmetics for my assassin!) thanks for your time.

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Suggestion/request - screen edge markers
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