Suggestion: Suggestion thread



I'm seeing a lot of great suggestions being thrown out there, but also a lot of repeating suggestions!

I think it would be great if a thread was made for Suggestions, just like there is for bugs. This would make it easier for people to submit suggestions and for the guys at Neocore to keep track of. Maybe you guys even have a list already that you update regularly - that could basically be it.

It would also give the community something to discuss and reflect on.

Just my cents on the matter!

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Suggestion: Suggestion thread
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7 years 142 days ago

Yeah a pinned Thread where people could throw out ideas could be interesting.

Beyond the flood of people requesting "insert my favourite race as a playable character" that is.

7 years 140 days ago
I agree 100% a buddy of mine, and myself started one yesterday. We were planning on giving suggestions for audio, technical, gameplay, etc etc. It just feels/seems like it all goes unnoticed. Would love a sticky thread.