Dismemberment system


Any idea when the dismemberment system will make it into the alpha build? I'm really excited about this feature!

Keep up the good work guys & I would like to say thank you to the community members that I've talked to so far for suggesting YouTube videos about lore. As someone pretty new to 40K it's been really cool to get some info.

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Dismemberment system
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7 years 148 days ago

Yeah seems like a good idea, melee combat would be more visualy atractive specially the 2h weapons like the eviscerator.

7 years 149 days ago
This needs to be implemented!


7 years 149 days ago
I think it is supposed to be in as the roadmap doesn't state anything about its implementation. Though it's most likely that it was causing issues and that they need to keep it out for now.
7 years 150 days ago
I'm surprised it isn't already in there - it was included and seemed to be working fine in that two mission pre-alpha version (the one which included the assassin) we had access to briefly on 10/11 Feb.