[Suggestion] Level Challenge should never be white


Currently, you only get 5 glory from a level if you are way ahead of a level's item power.

(White Challenges)

This is incredibly stupid, since it forces you to keep lower level items so you can go back to these levels and actually farm the glory needed to obtain the bonuses from these systems.

A solution would be to make it so you can never get Positive Bonuses from item power.

(You will have +0% Damage Dealth, and +0% damage suffered as a max)

This would fix a ton of issues with playing multiplayer, and farming system glory.

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[Suggestion] Level Challenge should never be white
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6 years 269 days ago

I don't like the idea at all. It's rpg history that you get nothing from lowlevel stuff or only outdatet stuff. They better set a maximum on item rating per sector, so if you do you only get ir 125 stuff in the first sector and if a mission is white it shouldn't get any form of xp. 

6 years 269 days ago

Yeah i'd agree with this, the creep you get from stats and equipment alone means that normal missions are "easy" enough. Speed runs are already pretty easy at base difficulty so I don't think anyone is going to complain that they can't 1-shot older content. 

6 years 269 days ago

yeah i agree, you shouldn't have to downgrade equipment or use a lower level char to settle problems in a sector. I would be totally content with a minimum downgrade cap to to green status, like the maximum bonus you can get is just before it turns white, but it would never go white.

It counters RPG to have to downgrade or do it with another char to achieve maximum effectiveness for rep in a sector.