[Suggestion] Daemonic Incursion


The Mission type Daemon Incursion (Nurgle Infestation). There is nothing wrong with the mission type, thought I get that out there first.

What I am talking about is the warp portal itself.  Originally I thought it was a placeholder for some type of cool in-game art asset for a Nurgle Hive that we had to kill other than a lazy portal... It great for the Chaos Legion Vanguard, but as a representation for Nurgle not so much.

If we start getting into other Chaos gods other than Nurgle for example Khorne, Tzeentch or Slaanesh.  I would like to see each of their own style of Daemonic portal thing representing their god and maybe a mechanic on how to kill the portal differently depending on the Chaos God worshipped as well. 

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[Suggestion] Daemonic Incursion
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6 years 29 days ago
Agreed the current asset is more black legeon rather than nurgle
6 years 30 days ago
Definitely would like to see this. *2 thumbs up*

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