Success in replicating item duplication


So, a couple of logins ago I noticed that one of my weapons is duplicated. I sold it and it left a gap in the lower left corner. Which was later filled with another weapon by me. On the next relog... that same weapon was duplicated. I sold it, bought a new weapon from the rogue trader, relogged and... voilla duplicated again. Three times in a row is a bit too much for a coincidence, so I'm reporting it. Have fun, devs!

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Success in replicating item duplication
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7 years 103 days ago

Interesting. My item duplication bug is a little different but I've yet to pin down how to replicate it. In my case the items replicate, but are linked in such a way that selling/sharding one does the same with its twin. Rather inconvenient when it's the purple armor you were wearing. As such I have a few duplicate items taking up space in storage since I'm wearing the original and don't want to lose my gear.

7 years 102 days ago

Yes, my items also sell in pairs. I'm just placing another item on the same spot every single time.

7 years 102 days ago

That's actually a really interesting bug. If any devs are reading, when you fix it would you mind sharing what causes it? Very interested in the technical details.