Stuck progresson Chapter 2: Saving Caius Thorn


Story line progression appears to be stuck on my Assassin character. I have been to all 3 locations to find the Magos Biologis and task bar will no longer progress. Aethon system still shows as needed location for quest line but none of the planets are flagged for the quest.

Nick  Complexx

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Stuck progresson Chapter 2: Saving Caius Thorn
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52 days ago
This comment was deleted 51 days ago by Marcopolocs
53 days ago

Please check your character's progress when you have some time. We dealt with the problem.

55 days ago
Account and character name is Sepherina
55 days ago
I have this same issue. saw posts in the past that had what i was assuming moderators or devs having to do something on the account on thier end to fix itt