Graphical bug with arc blade PS4



Arc blade appearance are very bugged right now, they are completely white and you can't change their appearance.

Only archeotech rarity seem to be affected by the issue while i can't 100% confirm this, i have test blue and green rarity arc blade and they were normal.

If that help i have report other weapons with this issue and you have fix them back then.

If needed you can borrow my account choose Jezabel and equip the arc blade in my inventory you will see the problem immediately.(my psn id is in the short title)

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Graphical bug with arc blade PS4
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1 year 301 days ago
Noted, we will give this issue another look in the following period.

Thanks for reporting it!

1 year 304 days ago
i have found more archeotech weapons with the issue like aether blade and power sword, back then  i have already report this issue for aether blade and arc blade and you fix it but a this point this is clear the bug is back and affect most of the archeotech weapons(i didn't have the opportunity to check ancient and morality relic).

I really hope for a fix soon,this quite an annoying issue...