Storage empty in Inquisitor - Martyr


I logged in today to find my storage empty. Is there anything that can be done to fix this? My ingame name is Sn0rlax, the character in question is Varg.

Also, if it helps, my Steam account is linked to my Neocore account

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Storage empty in Inquisitor - Martyr
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102 days ago

We just released a fix on our backend which provided back all the items lost. Anyone who lost anything in the last couple of days please login and check if everything is there in the storage.
Note1: the items can be found in the seasonal storage (if someone has no seasonal character, naturally the items will be in the non-seasonal storage)
Note2: in case the lost items combined in the two storages are more than the capacity of the seasonal storage, just move some items into your inventory or  into your non-seasonal stash and the rest will also appear later
Although the fix restored all items further item losses will may occur but the items will be back once one restarts the game (or log out to the Main menu and then log in). We will do our best to entirely remove the problem from the game.
Our apologize from everyone who ran into this issue in the last few days. 

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103 days ago

We are currently investigating the problem, this is currently the highest priority issue. Our team will do everything to restore all the lost items. Our apologize for the caused inconvenience.

We will spread the news once we fixed the issue and/or (at least) restored the items.

105 days ago
same happened to me, does make you wonder if the game is worth commiting anymore hours to when the reward system can get wiped out so easily. One missions worth of loot lost in a crash is one thing, but losing the characters career stash that was in the games 'safe box' is galling.
105 days ago
Posted by Giamantis 105 days ago
Not had this issue (yet) but It's piss poor however I don't think there's even anyone there at weekends...

Fastest response I got when I wanted something was messaging them on facebook site :/

Your lucky. 

This is just unbelievable.  I mean I could buy it nobody in the office on the weekend.

But I find it hard to believe that they never look at their own boards, never notice they have messages on reddit.

I mean not even an acknowledgement....  I get it if someone is eating dinner, or something like that.  

How much effort does it take to say something like, "hey,  I cant do anything till monday."

Yknow whats worse is that I have this feeling that I going to get a pointless request for more info because seasonal stash everything gone isnt descriptive enough,  and then 2 days later someone may or may say something totally noncommittal, like how theyre aware of the problem, or looking into it.   Punchline being nothing ever gets done about it.

105 days ago
Not had this issue (yet) but It's piss poor however I don't think there's even anyone there at weekends...

Fastest response I got when I wanted something was messaging them on facebook site :/

105 days ago

Happened to me yesterday.  Everything is seasonal stash is missing.

Ive opened my own thread, here and on reddit.  PM'd the majority of the mods on the Inquisitor reddit who had a "Dev" tag.

Also tried on the Discord, and of course on the help chat on this site.

AFAIK there is no actual trouble ticket system,  and im thinking whether or not you get a restoration depends on if you catch the right eye...ear...whathaveyou.

Ive seen them respond in literally a *couple* threads on this subject,  and being completely honest it doesnt fill me with much confidence.

"were looking it" translates out to,  "thats terrible, im adding that to the list of bug reports"  when what really needs to be said is, "on it,  you should have you stuff back in an hour or two."

its only been a day and already it has killed so much enthusiasm for this game.