Empty stasis cascet


I was playing a void crusade, came back to the deck after one of the missions and I was trying to put some of the new loot to the stasis chmber and then realized all my inventory is gone, all my shards, psalms, consumabels etc, just empty. Could someone help me with this?

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Empty stasis cascet
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133 days ago

We just released a fix on our backend which provided back all the items lost. Anyone who lost anything in the last couple of days please login and check if everything is there in the storage.

Note1: the items can be found in the seasonal storage (if someone has no seasonal character, naturally the items will be in the non-seasonal storage)

Note2: in case the lost items combined in the two storages are more than the capacity of the seasonal storage, just move some items into your inventory or  into your non-seasonal stash and the rest will also appear later

Although the fix restored all items further item losses will may occur but the items will be back once one restarts the game (or log out to the Main menu and then log in). We will do our best to entirely remove the problem from the game.

Our apologize for the caused inconvenience.

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134 days ago

We are currently investigating the problem, this is currently the highest priority issue. Our team will do everything to restore all the lost items. Our apologize for the caused inconvenience.

We will spread the news once we fixed the issue and/or (at least) restored the items.

137 days ago

Yeah, its happend to me too, in normal mode too, the name of the topic :

"[BUG] All of my items in my storage have completely disappeared"

140 days ago

It was the normal one

141 days ago

Could you tell me whether the storage was the seasonal one or the normal one?