Stop torturing with Fate plz


I don't know if this is intentional or not but recently after you fail a tarot mission i am Not able to retry it. Intentional or not it is extremely annoying to loose around 100 fate, which takes a good amount of time to earn back, Only because you are not a top player or super geared for your level. It is honestly a waste of my time doing unnescsary extra farming just for the sake of it. If you feel you Have to penalize people for not being the very best, at least refund like 50% or 75% of the fate used on that mission.

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Stop torturing with Fate plz
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6 years 153 days ago

 I made two tarot missions very early on but they where red so I just left them and they where still there when they where grey(forgot about them). Yes, there is the DC issue's which do hurt. However if you are in them but once you are in one it should be to late. The exploits would be so real. It is to clear difficulty before you enter what you are in for.

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6 years 152 days ago
I believe the system where you elect to do a tarot mission influences the power rating requisite of the mission, i.e. do not chose a tarot mission whilst in a 'red' system.
6 years 151 days ago
the Fate system is kinda stingy already. I don't see D3 being so stuck up with their greater rifts, which is what tarrot missions boil down to. As an alternative in the meantime, run tarrot missions with a friend, it helps a lot.