Investigation: Hunt for the Martyr bug(s)


When running the investigation hunt for the martyr, after 3 clues, i was tasked with rescuing a tech priest and escort him to a safe extraction point. After cleaning up the whole map i proceeded to the extraction point. The tech priest and all 3-4 guardsmen were following me up to the door to the room where the extraction point was located, but then refused to enter and complete the mission. After running to and from that room, to see if it was possible to get the tech priest to spawn inside the room, for a good 30 minutes, i had to give up, and had to abort the mission. Bug 1.

I then get the message that i have to retry the mission. All fine and dandy...but...there is now not possible to start the mission again. Travel to next mission button is greyed out, and there is no investigation marker in any of the sectors. Due to this, i am permanently locked out of progressing. Very nice Bug...and its nr. 2.

Not to mention that the previous investigation always crashed in the same location (mentioned in several posts either here or on reddit), and we had to take an alternative route to get past the bug, causing the mission to fail, due to the extra time it takes (or at least in my case). 

That is two game breaking and one very anyoing/time wasting bugs in only 2 missions. As a developer myself, i know how easy bugs are created, but i still wonder if there as been done any testing of these before they were released at all? 

Is there a simple solution to this permanent progression lock, or do i just have to bite the bullet and restart a new character? 

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Investigation: Hunt for the Martyr bug(s)
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6 years 88 days ago
I have this same error. I'm stuck on step 3 and cannot progress. I also experienced the same "mission failed" after clearing the map and the npcs not following me.
6 years 96 days ago
ok my next attempt at the campaign ended up being unplayable also.  This time a crash error and program shut down at selection of character and hitting play.
6 years 97 days ago
I have exactly the same problem. Got stuck in the campaign, the mission was to find the techpriest but no actual mission to go to. only general random planet missions. So im stuck in campaign without the techpriest. Finally making another run at it, new charachter. Generaly the combat system is awesome. Glad to see so much improvement! Props to the dev team.

Also sometimes the swapweapons button doesnt work for the duration of the mission ( nothing wrong with my tab button ;) and you get stuck with what you have in your two inquisitorial hands. 

Again giant props to the dev team for a great game so far.